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Premium Supplier of First-Grade Industrial Packaging Solutions

Get the most creative styles and cutting-edge designs. Avoid potential costly mistakes at production phase. Get high quality, precise work, and fast project turn-around.

All films and bags are FDA approved & 100% food-safe.

The future of packaging is here.

We’re creating the optimal packaging solution whether you are a new start-up business or an old business looking for a fresh start.

Your product sales depend on the packaging. Elite Poly Bag is here to triple your sales.


The eyes are the first consumer of a product. When a customer sights your product for the first time, he/she takes a cursory look at the packaging. If it looks premium and of high quality, the customer is already bought over, even without carefully checking the product itself. In his/her mind, if the packaging is great, the product itself would be good.

The reverse is the case when you have poor quality packaging or wrapping – the customer loses interest the moment he sets eyes on your product because he/she already feels your product is of inferior quality (even if not true), because the eyes have sent the wrong signals to the brain. It may seem surprising but true.

Your product may not be the best out there on the market, but you can make more sales than the person who has better product quality, but poor packaging. We are all guilty of making purchase decisions based solely on the packaging.

Your customer retention rate can also increase if your packaging is great.


If you have an attractive packaging, there’s a likelihood that you will have more repeat customers than your competitor who doesn’t.

Most businesses ignore this fact, but it is an eternal truth – the customer’s experience with the packaging largely influences his or her decision whether to buy your product again.

So, if you are looking for premium-quality bags that doesn’t spill content when opened, and retains freshness even after being opened, premium-quality bags that are strong and durable, you are at the right place.

Elite Poly Bags meets these conditions and even exceeds them! Here’s more: Our packaging bags also protect against odors, moisture, pests and many more.

We’ve proven times over that quality packaging sells a product and we’re sure to make you stand out among competitors! Your packaging is the first selling point of your product and our packaging delivers that first impression.

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Unique & Quality Designs

Top in our books is quality assurance. We pay strong attention to detail, to ensure our packaging bags come out the best. We know that our quality helps boost your business and we’re committed to keeping it that way.

Unbeaten Customer Care

We listen to you at all times. Our customers enjoy exceptional care throughout our business relationships.  Our award-winning customer service team are always available to listen to you.

Fast Delivery Time

Our packing bags are built and delivered to you in less than 4 weeks. Conventional design and production takes months, but with us, you get it for lesser time, without losing quality.

Why Elite Poly Bag?

Just one thing: true peace of mind.

Our entire company is driven by the commitment to premium quality and a desire to exceed your expectations.

We go above and beyond to make sure our processes, services, and products exceed industry standards. Our state-of-the art technology, highly professional staff and experience assures you of consistent quality in these our products and services. . If you require custom printing and artwork, our in-house creative department stands ready to help you turn your ideas into packaging products.

We also love to maintain cordial relationships with all our clients, which is why we ensure prompt resolution to any problem that may arise and treat them with honor and respect.

So you can go to bed with complete peace of mind, knowing that Elite Poly Bags got you covered.

Our Packages & Solutions

Our packaging solution caters for multiple industries – a proof of our commitment to taking your business to the next level. We’re shifting the paradigm of packaging.


Commercial & Industrial

Your products are superior, but the right retail bag can really make them stand out from the pack. Our custom retail packaging options—from regular shopping bags to T-shirt bags and even specialty items like die cut handle bags—work as walking advertisements for your company.


When your customers have a good bag in an eye-catching design, they will remember your company and your brand. When you choose any of our plastic bags with your logo, you will become easily recognizable.

  • Bottom Seal Bags

  • Side Seal Bags

  • Poly Sheets

  • Poly Sleeves

  • Gusseted Bags

  • Perforated Bags

  • Vent Holes

  • Front and Back Flips

  • Handle Holes

  • Door Knob Holes

  • Flat Tubing

  • Gusseted Tubing

  • Single Wound Sheeting

  • J- Film

  • Centerfold Sheeting

  • Sheets-On-Rolls

  • Bags-On-Roll

  • Slitting

  • Tinted Bags

  • Coloured Bags

  • Biodegradable plastic

  • Loose Bags with Wicket

  • Patch Handle Bags

  • Side & Bottom Gusset

  • Die Cut Handle

  • Mailer Bags

  • Draw String / Tape Bags

  • T-Shirt Bags

  • USPS Approved CO-EX Mailers


Custom Food Poly Bags

Our bags are designed to cater to many different types of food industry clients, including supermarkets and restaurants. Companies use our bags for various fresh and frozen foods, including bread, granola, cookies, tortilla chips and popcorn, because they know our food packaging offers the high levels of freshness and security they need for their product.

At Elite Poly Bag, we have the capabilities to offer our products in both small and large orders. We try to cater as best as we can to our clients’ needs, and we can do the same for you.

• Printed Bags • Unprinted Bags • General food bags • Bakery bags • Frozen food bags • Ice Bags 

• Zipper Bags • Snack Bags • Gusseted Bags • Re-sealable Bags • Perforated Poly Bags

• Bottom Seal Bags •Flat Bags •Wicketted Bags



Elite Poly Bag offers medical bags for all your needs. Whether you need medical waste management bags for hazardous materials or you simply need bags for securing your patients’ belongings, we are there for you.

  • Specimen Transport

  • Patient Valuables Bags

  • Autocolave Bags

  • Mortuary Bags

  • Draw String / Tape Bags

  • Patient Belonging Bags


Printed Roll Stock

High quality packaging plays a key role in getting your customers attention. Elite Poly Bags offers rolls stock in a variety of film types and we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the printing is sharp, clear and portrays the true value of your product.

We offer printed roll-stock from materials such as:

  • PET

  • OPP

  • PE




  • CPP


Pouch Bags

At Elite Poly Bag, we want your retail products to shine on the shelves, ultimately creating more sales and bringing you more business. To help your company receive the attention it deserves, we provide customizable bags to place your own logo, slogan or artwork on, creating a bold advertisement. Our customized product will build your brand and aid in your business’s success.

  • Stand Up Pouches

  • Slider Pouches

  • Zip Top Pouches

  • Side Gusset Quad Seal

  • Non Resealable Pouches

  • Re-sealable Bags

  • Pet Food bags

  • Retort Pouches

  • Spouted


You are seconds away from taking your business to the next level.

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