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About US


Welcome to Elite Poly Bag, your finest and most capable manufacturers and distributors of custom plastic bags and other packaging products. As one of the top manufacturers of polyethylene film in the United States, we have all of the experience, knowledge, resources, and manufacturing capabilities to produce and distribute custom plastic bags to meet virtually any level of need – large, medium or small scale business, we got you covered. Your one stop source for flexible packaging.

We serve the packaging needs of grocery stores, supermarkets, hospitals, among others. With Elite Poly Bag, these esteemed clients are able to take charge of their customer retention rate, resulting in low costs for high-returns.

Our State-of-the-art technology in extrusion, printing, and converting allows us to manufacture unique packing solutions for all industries. You can always trust our team of packaging professionals to help you choose the right options for your specific application.

If your business requires custom printing and artwork, our extremely creative prepress technicians are ready 24/7 to to help you transform your ideas into packaging products – making sure their unique packaging creates a great impact for your brand. From artwork layout, customer approvals, quality control to plate production, our team manages your projects on schedule from file management to production.

Storage Facilities

Take advantage of price discounts on bulk orders, without the storage hassle. We’ll produce your order, store it for you in our private warehouses, and ship it to you as needed.

Your items will be instantly available for shipping in case of unexpected demand. Lower prices, expedited shipping, and reliable service. At elite Poly Bag, that’s what we call a package deal.

Products will be billed as they are requested and stock will be replenished according to contract terms.

Our Mission

Elite Poly Bag’s mission is aimed at helping businesses succeed by providing premium packaging solutions.

Our Vision

Through Excellent Customer Service & Premium Product Quality, we will be the #1 provider of Flexible Packaging. We will offer our clients the best stock and custom packaging products at the most competitive prices.

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